**The packages you are about to view are from my Fall ’12 capstone course, Advanced Television Reporting.  During this time I was a sports anchor and sports reporter in WVU’s award winning newscast, WVU News, produced entirely by Television Journalism students.  I was also able to work with ESPNU.**

The sports package below was one of my favorites to produce.  It is a profile piece on the extremely talented WVU swimmer/record holder, Mandie Nugent, and her goals for the future.

The following piece was also another one of my favorite packages I had ever produced.  It is an “Advice from the Pros” piece, the pros including notable names like, Jay Harris, Larry Stokes, and Tony Mason.  I was honored to have met each of them, and was lucky enough to include famous ESPN sports anchor for SportsCenter, Jay Harris, in my stand-up.

This fun sports piece is also mainly fan based, discussing how they thought the WVU football team would hold up in the Big 12 after officially starting the football season.

This sports package discusses the new stadium WVU’s D1 baseball team is anxiously awaiting to receive.

This sports package focusses on how fan’s thought minor varsity sports would hold up, or not hold up, at the University after joining the Big 12.  This was produced prior to WVU football’s conference games.

**The following packages are from my Fall ’11 class, Beginning Television Reporting.  They were the first news packages I had ever  produced.  As you can see from the packages you just viewed above, I made great improvements from my beginning to advanced TV reporting**

This consumer package focuses on the United State’s shaky economy during that time, and how it effected consumers’ diet and lifestyle, due to the increase in grocery prices that many were unable to keep up with.

This package was a feature story on Kari Diviney, a Sophomore at the time, who’s older brother was brutally attacked years earlier and left in a near-vegetative state, with severe brain damage.  He sadly has yet to recover.

The package below is a community interest piece that touches on the problem Morgantown, West Virginia faces with stray cats and dogs.  It highlights the importance of spaying and neutering to save animals lives, and to avoid unnecessary euthanizing.

This health package focuses on the unhealthy diet many college students attain, due to the appeal of easily attainable, cheap fast food.  It discusses the numerous health risks this type of diet can potentially cause.


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