The following videos were produced for the class I completed this Spring, Multimedia Bureau Reporting. All of these stories were picked up and published by local news websites.

This multimedia piece delves into the recent Federal ruling for Plan B to now be available over the counter for teens ages 15 and up. The video highlights West Virginian’s opinions, both positive and negative, on the recent ruling. Many consider how this will affect West Virginia’s abnormally high teen pregnancy rate. The video includes multiple interviews, as well as explanatory photographs and graphics. The video as well as the accompanying article that were both published, may be viewed here: Federal ruling on emergency contraception could spark local backlash

This video touches on the rapid growth of the fracking industry in West Virginia, and how it may negatively affect the coal mining industry. Some worry it may result in numerous job losses within the coal industry… The video as well as it’s accompanying written article were also published, and can be viewed here:

This video highlights the poor air quality in Morgantown, WV. It features photographs of the pollution and its effects on local resident’s health. The video also touches on the causes of the pollution, and possible solutions for reducing it.  This article, , was written to accompany the video above.  This article was  published by our University/student newspaper, The Daily Athenaeum (thedaonline), and was the paper’s top story on the day of it’s publication.


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