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Thank you for having interest in my online portfolio!

I am currently finishing my senior year at West Virginia University in the Television Journalism program, with a minor in Sports Communication.  I will be an official graduate in August ’13.  I have only one online course to complete over the first few weeks of the summer, to finish out my minor.

Throughout my amazing time with the University, I have acquired a variety of knowledge touching on all of the journalism programs the school offers:  Television Journalism, Public Relations, Strategic Communications, Advertising, and Print.  Over the past two years my courses have become much more focused on my major specifically.  I have greatly enjoyed the intense, effective, and extremely hands-on learning atmosphere the P.I. Reed School of Journalism provides for their  broadcast students.

I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to take such incredible classes, like media writing, TV editing/Final Cut Pro, broadcast news writing for radio, media issues and ethics, media law, strategic communications, nonverbal communication, public affairs reporting, beginning television reporting, advanced television reporting, multimedia reporting, and so much more.  All of the classes are taught by extremely intelligent, gifted, and enthusiastic professors, who truly know the ins and outs of the journalism industry from their own life experiences.  This makes the learning process extremely enjoyable and rewarding here at WVU, and only makes me even more eager to join the real world myself.

The Television Journalism program specifically, offers incredible hands-on curriculum, becoming more challenging as you advance through each course.  I recently completed my TV Journalism capstone course, WVU News, last semester.  After an intense/long day of auditions for anchor positions, I was honored to find out I had chosen by a panel of judges to be the sports anchor for the award-winning newscast, produced by Television Journalism students at the University.  I was one of two sports anchors, and also covered the sports beat along with my fellow sports anchor, and two other sports reporters.

WVU’s TV Journalism School has an affiliation with ESPNU, so as a sports anchor/reporter in WVU News I was privileged to be able to speak with the Senior Production Manager of ESPNU Campus Connection, Acie Wyatt.  We had conference calls with him as well as reporters from other large universities at 2p.m. every Monday and Friday, where we brainstormed interesting story ideas with one another.  He also posted all of our YouTube videos to ESPNU’s channel to help our packages reach a larger public.

I can honestly say I had the time of my life.  The course enabled me to fine-tune my on-air talent, reporting, shooting, video editing, script writing, and overall storytelling, while having fun and enjoying myself the entire time as well.

I am extremely intrigued by the sports and entertainment fields, and hope to break into this competitive industry very soon!  I also enjoy news reporting.  I have a true passion for film, fashion, photography, entertainment, sports, and outdoor activities.  I enjoy covering unique and interesting stories, as well as working in an upbeat environment where my creative ideas will flourish.

The Summer of 2011, I interned with the Camden Riversharks as a media relations intern.  MeFilmingThere, I filmed parts of the game, including fun, interactive games with fans in between innings that were displayed on the team’s jumbo-screen.  When I wasn’t filming, I was working the stadium’s sound. This included: the athlete’s “walk-out songs” as they take the bat, music between innings, game-time sound effects, as well as music during pitcher changes.  I also volunteered to narrate a few promotional videos for the team’s website.  These were especially fun and exciting to participate in because it was the first on-camera experience I had ever had at the time.  I also worked a full-time job at a bank during the week to earn money.

During that summer I was also lucky to have the opportunity to shadow sports reporter and anchor Amy Fadool, at Comcast Sportsnet.  There, she showed me around set and let me sit in on their 6:30p.m. show.  The show’s producer provided me with an ear piece as the show aired so I could hear what was going on not only on set, but also from the control room, from the director, etc.  This was a great learning experience for me, and helped strengthen my dreams of working in the television industry.

The following Summer of 2012 I went a slightly different route and worked at Cash Connect, for a paid internship, as a Marketing, Social Media, and Special Project intern.  While I was with Cash Connect, I helped promote the business through the use of social media and other marketing tools.  I also worked alongside some of the top associates at the business, including the owner and president, to assist in the creation of his new business venture known as dotAlert.  This was a rewarding experience in that I gained more knowledge of the Marketing and Public Relations world, which has only helped make me more valuable to a larger number of journalism/business outlets.

I demonstrate expert video editing skills through all of the packages I have created, 100% on my own, using Final Cut Pro and other editing software.

I consistently meet or beat deadlines. I work well under pressure and plan ahead to ensure my work will be completed on time, while making sure my work is accurate and professional.

I am an extremely passionate, enthusiastic, positive, and outgoing individual, and this truly shows through the material I produce.  I am a creative thinker, and again, love working in an atmosphere that allows my ideas to flourish.  I am a natural born leader, and often take on challenges others would rather ignore; however, I am a team player and work great with others.

I hope you consider me a potentially valuable addition to your team, and I look forward to hearing from you soon!



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